Latin America and Caribbean airlines passenger Traffic Up 3.6% in May 2018

Panama, July 10, 2018

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May 2018 recorded a 3.6% growth in passenger traffic with 739,000 additional passengers carried by Latin American and Caribbean airlines. May 2017 evidenced an exceptional growth, being one of the months with the highest growth in 2017 (7%) due to a strong growth in the domestic markets of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia and due to the growth in the Mexico-US market (+10%).

The growth of passenger traffic in the period studied below was mainly driven by extra-regional international traffic, which grew 16.2% in May 2018. From this increase, 94% is attributable to the North American market, which registered very positive growth in Brazil-US (+ 41%), Panama-US (+ 28%), Canada-Mexico (+ 55%) and Mexico-US (+ 6%). In terms of domestic traffic, growth stands out in Argentina (+ 11%), Chile (+ 16%) and Peru (+ 9%). The reports showcase growth in passenger traffic to/from Brazil, despite the transporters strike that affected 9 airports in Brazil and forced airlines to cancel more than 300 flights at the end of May.

With the signing of the Open Skies Agreement between Brazil and the United States, it is expected that the number of passengers traveling between these countries will continue to grow. Agreements of this type have proved successful in other markets, such as Mexico-US. Between August 2016 and the first quarter of this year the Mexican government has authorized more than 100 new routes between these two countries for Mexican and US airlines, generating positive impacts on tourism in both countries.
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Luis Felipe de Oliveira

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) announces that Latin American and Caribbean airlines carried 21.1 million passengers in May and up 3.6% (738,534 additional passengers) from the previous year.

Traffic (RPK) grew 9% and capacity (ASK) increased 8.4%, bringing up the load factor to 80.9% or equivalent to 0.5 percentage points higher than in May 2017. (see table 1)

Monthly Passenger Traffic Growth

Traffic to/from Latin America & Caribbean

Latin America and Caribbean airlines carried 2.2 million passengers to and from Latin America and the Caribbean in May, up 16.2% from the previous year. (see table 2) Traffic (RPK) grew 13.4% and capacity (ASK) increased 13.4%, bringing the load factor to 82.9%.

To/From Latin America & Caribbean Traffic Distribution

Reporting airlines: Aerolíneas Argentinas (includes Austral), Aeromar, Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect, Avianca, Avianca Brasil, Copa Airlines, Copa Airlines Colombia, Insel Air, LATAM Airlines Group, Sky Airline and Volaris.

Additional Sources: SCT Mexico, ANAC Brazil, JAC Chile, Aerocivil Colombia.

RPK (Revenue Passenger Kilometers) number of passengers carried times the distance traveled | ASK (Available Seat Kilometers) number of seats available for sale times the distance traveled | PLF Passenger Load Factor, obtained by dividing the RPKs by the ASKs | FTK (Freight Ton Kilometers) number of tons of freight carried times the distance traveled