Cost reduction and maximizing efficiency are the main topics of the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference 2019

More than 700 executives from 41 airlines and more than 300 industry suppliers are gathered in Cancun

Cancun, May 27, 2019 – Big Data, predictivity, women in technical careers, cost reduction in aircraft leasing and an update on the IATA-CFM agreement were the main topics at the first day of academic agenda at the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference 2019.

During the official opening, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ALTA’s Executive Director & CEO, shared that air transport has had an interrupted growth in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last 15 years, how the region will grow economically and socially within the next decades, and how will this impact the use of air transport. De Oliveira stressed the importance of meeting the region’s ground and air infrastructure needs, reducing unnecessary fees and taxes and eliminating barriers generated by inefficient regulations to make possible the projected growth. He also explained that the region urgently needs harmonization of its regulation to better accompany a global industry with high specialization.

The first panel of the agenda “Big Data and Predictive Maintenance” was integrated by Alex de Gunten, Business Development Officer, HEICO as moderator; Ahmad Zamany, VP of Technical Operations, Copa Airlines; Chris Markhou, Head Operational Cost, IATA; Mauricio Rojas Arteaga, Sales Manager Airline Applications, Skywise and Sebastian Binz, Team Leader Strategy & Innovation Projects, Eurowings.

Airlines generate an impressive amount of data through their operations and this allows them to have a better understanding of their assets, anticipate maintenance needs (predictivity) and optimize the use of resources in operations. The debate focused on who owns the data and what is needed to take the most advantage of it.

Gonzalo Yelpo, Legal Counsel, ALTA; Daniel Kanter, Assistant General Counsel, Chief Counsel Global IATA Antitrust and Competition Law; Brian Ovington, Marketing Director, GE; Jason Dickstein, President, MARPA/ASA and Francisco Sanchez, VP Strategic Sourcing Technical & Supplier Management, LATAM Airlines participated in the panel about the IATA-CFM Agreement and the changes, commitments and concerns it brings for airlines, MROs, parts manufacturers and other OEMs. This agreement marks a milestone in the possibility of considerably reducing costs in parts and spare parts.

In the afternoon two additional presentations were held. First a panel with Eric Hoogenkamp and Jaime Márquez, VPs Technical Asset Management Air Lease about best practices in lease return and what this involves in terms of repair stations, suppliers, MROs and OEMs.

And finally, a panel on the participation of women in technical careers. Only 2.39% of the American maintenance personnel are women. The panel shared how to open more spaces for women in aviation, which is the importance of mentorship and how to develop a career in aviation.

Participated Maria Victoria Guiraud, Head of Industry Relations ALTA; Lee Kapel, President TSI; Caroline Vandendrinck, VP Americas SR Technics; Tiziana Masullo, Vice President Services Sales and Contracts Management ATR Americas and Liliana Bocanegra, Technical Procurement Director Avianca Holdings.

Watch in detail the conversations and data shared here.

“Our industry is challenging, immediate and constantly requires us to quickly reinvent ourselves to meet the new needs and challenges of the market. The topics discussed today are a sample of the main trends that will allow our industry to significantly reduce costs and maximize efficiency to remain competitive in a region that today represents 8% of global aviation. It is expected that air traffic will double within the next 10 years, and we must be prepared, take advantage of the assets and make the most use of the new technologies that will enable growth in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner,” said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ALTA’s Executive Director & CEO.

During the day, hundreds of mini meetings were held among representatives of airlines and suppliers, as well as the meetings of the technical and MRO and Technical Purchasing committees; the oldest maintenance and procurement committee in the region that this year holds its 108th meeting.

About ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference
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