Latin American & Caribbean Air Transport Association

Asociación Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Transporte Aéreo

Associação para Transporte Aéreo de America Latina e do Caribe

Technical Maintenance and Procurement Committee

This committee works to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences, with the end goal of studying, planning and exchanging methods and services related to aircraft maintenance and the integrated administration of aeronautical materials in order to streamline their deliveries and improve the processes of acquisition of parts with suppliers. The Committee oversees the Fleet Management Working Group whose goal is to target and solve operational, contracts, and cost saving aspects related to the airlines’ fleets.  Both groups are working together on various cost-saving projects.  ALTA Aircraft Parts Solutions (AAPS) is a unique facilitating service provided by ALTA exclusively to its members designed to meet the growing needs and changes of the aircraft parts segment of the aviation industry. This system is overseen by this committee.