Latin American & Caribbean Air Transport Association

Asociación Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Transporte Aéreo

Associação para Transporte Aéreo de America Latina e do Caribe

ALTA Brand Guidelines

ALTA Brand Guidelines - Logo Usage

These conditions apply for internal and external use, to define the visual and verbal elements that make up the ALTA brand. They should be used by Vendors and by Partners for co-branding purposes.


The ALTA logo is an important tool to leverage your relationship with the association, but this can only be accomplished if the logo is used properly in efforts to protect its integrity and avoid any unauthorized or inadvertentmisuse. These guidelines ensure that the ALTA logo, like any organization?s assets, is protected and used within the boundaries that allow it to represent the org anization in a fair and consistent manner, as well as to represent the values which steer ALTA. Please contact should you have any questions.


Our Logo is our most valuable asset and it conveys our identity to the world. The color version of the ALTA logo is the preferred expression of our identity, however, when this is not possible you may use the black or white approved variations.