MAY 15-18 - 2016
MAY 15-18 - 2016
MAY 15-18 - 2016
MAY 15-18 - 2016
MAY 15-18 - 2016
MAY 15-18 - 2016

Supplier Committee Organization


ALTA’s newest leadership role as the organizing body for the CCMA Conference has generated new changes that have positively influenced the Supplier Committee’s framework. The current role of the Supplier Committee is to guide the development and serve as advisor throughout the year to ALTA’s upcoming CCMA conferences. Additionally, the Committee continues to act as a liaison between the Suppliers and ALTA.


The Supplier Committee is comprised of representatives that have a prior attendance or could provide a hands-on experience acquired from organizing a past CCMA Conference event. ALTA relies heavily on the highly focused advice and experience of the standing members of the Supplier Committee to make recommendations for changes in future events. Presently, the standing members of the Supplier Committee are:


Alvaro Gonzalez

Abelardo Cantillo
Cesar Basler
Lee Kapel
Advisory Members
Christopher Ludwig
Alex de Gunten
Observer Members
Bosco, Rico


There’ve been many requests from various suppliers wishing to have active participation in the Supplier Steering Committee.  The Supplier Committee has put together a procedure to allow participation of new suppliers in the committee. Following are the general guidelines.


Membership in the Committee is tied to the individual and to the company. This implies that the individual may not transfer his/her right, should he/she decide to leave their company or the company changes its representative. The role of the committee is to advise ALTA, based upon experience in attending past CCMA conferences. Therefore, all new members must commit to a three-year attendance at future CCMA conferences.


The framework of the Committee is best described as follows:

  • There are five Standing Members in the Suppliers Committee.
  • There will be a maximum of three (3) Advisory Members who will serve two-year terms.


Requirements to become an Advisory Member

  • The candidate must have attended a CCMA Conference in the past.
  • The candidate needs to hold a Senior Level position in his organization.
  • The candidate must be willing to devote 20 hours to the Committee per year.
  • Send a request in writing including professional bio and a short paragraph describing reasons to be considered as a Supplier Steering Committee member to Alberto Cortes at



  • Every year the Standing Members of the Committee and ALTA will evaluate the applicants and appoint new members.
  • New members will be announced at the CCMA conference.
  • The committee will maintain a list of suppliers who will volunteer for membership.
  • The committee, together with ALTA will select new Advisory Members from this Volunteer list, as openings become available. (the maximum will be 5 Standing Members plus 3 Advisory Members)
  • In the event that a Standing Member chair becomes available, the committee along with ALTA, will select a successor from current or volunteer Advisory Members.


Through active participation, Advisory Members assist in fulfilling the committee’s goal of serving as advisors to ALTA in the planning, organizing and execution of the CCMA annual conferences. It is therefore necessary for Advisory Members to get involved in the committee’s activities and the CCMA conferences.


In order to promote the participation and enhance the contribution of the Advisory Members, these members must comply with the following requirements while serving on the committee:


  • Attend all CCMA annual conferences.
  • Participate in all conference calls pertaining to CCMA, organized by ALTA and/or the committee chairman.
  • Participate in all meetings pertaining to CCMA, organized by ALTA and/or the committee chairman.
  • Reply to all communications pertaining to CCMA, sent out by ALTA and/or the committee chairman.
  • Participate in other consultations pertaining to CCMA, at the request of ALTA and/or the committee chairman.


Failure to comply one time with any of the above requirements will result in a warning to the Advisory Member. Failure to comply more than one time can result in termination of participation as an Advisory Member.


Our goal as a Supplier Steering Committee is to seek out for the interest of the Suppliers and to assist ALTA without being cumbersome. Consequently, we wish to keep the committee as lean as possible but at the same time, allow a select few who are interested, a more active role and participation.


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