The Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA) and the Costa Rica Civil Aviation Authority in partnership with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association - ALTA, will be sponsoring the 4th Aviation Safety Summit focused entirely on the Pan American region.


The Summit will be held on June 25th and  26th, followed by the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group  - Pan America (RASG-PA/06) from 27 to 28 of June, 2013, in San Jose, Costa Rica at the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose. International and regional safety leaders, who represent major aviation stakeholders, will also be in attendance.


As part of this week's activities, the Safety Summit will showcase senior experts and executives from organizations such as ICAO, ANAC, FAA, ALTA, IATA, IFALPA, AIRBUS and BOEING, just to name a few.  Leading Airlines in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, as well as civil aviation authorities, will also be featured. The Summit will not only provide an overview of the region’s safety statistics and other current RASG-PA initiatives to enhance flight safety, but also specific strategies to address the top aviation safety risk areas in the region. Additional summit activities include:


• Workshops, panel discussions and seminars focused on mitigation strategies for the top data-driven risk areas in the region.
• Opportunity to network and interchange ideas and views with leaders and experts from aviation industry in these key strategic areas.


States and Industry working together have made significant progress towards improving aviation in the Pan American region. To continue this positive trend towards a mutual collaboration of safety initiatives, participation is open to and strongly encouraged of all operators (commercial, cargo, and corporate), pilot groups, regulators (both state and industry), airport personnel, ATC representatives and any other companies or individuals whose goal is a safer aviation industry.


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