Technical Maintenance and Procurement Committee

Under the Legal and Government Affairs Committee, the main legal and aeropolitical representatives of the airlines gather to explore industry challenges and to establish a common, efficient and solid joint position of Latin American and Caribbean airlines before civil aviation authorities, governmental agencies, airport administrations and international and multilateral organization. This committee gathers twice a year to evaluate, explore and coordinate activities and to establish efficient and solid joint position to maintain a fair balance between industry stock holders. This committee also oversees all the affairs related to international environment regulations.

ALTA / IATA Safety Team

With safety being ALTA’s top priority, the ALTA / IATA Safety Team helps to promote the exchange of information, data and statistics aimed at identifying the main operative risks in the region and to seek measure to mitigate them, as well as to exchange best practices between operators and authorities to improve safety ratings in the region. The main project led by this committee are: AITSP Program, powered by IATA’s FDX system. This information has been used for the analysis and development of safety risk mitigation strategies through the Pan American Regional Aviation Safety Group (PASG-PA). Industry Representative in the Pan American Regional Group of Aviation Safety, where projects are developed at regional level to mitigate the main areas of risk. Promote the creation of National Safety Groups (NSGs) at the country level by implementing the strategies and experiences gained in RASG-PA

Fraud Prevention Committee

The mission of the Fraud Prevention Committee is to contribute experiences on best practices to prevent fraud while exploring strategies aimed at improving performance efficiencies and reducing fraud-related monetary losses. This committee also works to identify worldwide trends and their possible implications for the region, working together with credit card franchises, banks, OTAs, and police authorities to identify areas in which joint actions can be undertaken to reduce credit card fraud. One initiative the committee is closely involved with is the Global Day of Action against fraudsters in which there is close cooperation between the airline industry, police authorities, credit card franchises, and banks to identify fraudsters and help pinpoint the root causes of fraudulent tickets.

Environmental Committee

The aviation industry has taken a number of important steps to help protect the environment. During ALTA’s 2007 Airline Leaders Forum in Cancun, ALTA’s Executive Committee agreed to coordinate a strategy and plan to help improve our carbon footprint and other environmental practices in the region. This plan included the creation of the ALTA Environmental Committee. The objective of this group is to work together with governments, airport authorities, IATA, and local BARs among other key players in the industry in order to achieve common goals we have set as an industry. This group also supports all members by giving access to the best practices in the industry, including access to experts and other tools aimed at giving important results and saving opportunities for airlines.

ALTA / IATA Fuel Committee

Established in 2005, the ALTA/IATA Fuel Committee works together with local boards of airline representatives (BARs) to identify areas of opportunity to reduce and avoid unjustified costs and charges related to fuel supply in the region. The Committee strives to ensure that current fees and charges are in accordance with industry policies dictated by ICAO. The objective of the committee includes the coordination of efforts to guarantee an adequate cost structure and efficient infrastructure, and to identify possible synergies between airport operators, fuel suppliers, and users. It aims to promote the best practices in the provision of jet fuel in quality, safety, transparency, and users’ consultation.



“ALTA’s support in the subjects that they have helped us has been key, as it represents a regional industry position, bringing more credibility to those arguments used in the discussions that airlines require”.+ Jorge Serrano
"ALTA’s actions are key for the integration of the industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. An airline can count with ALTA to begin or improve operations in other countries. The industry (maintenance, etc.) can also reach more customers in a more effective way.”+ Daniel Soares
ANAC Brasil
“Amadeus has been an active member of ALTA for more than 10 year because we recognize the value of the association as the voice that represents the airlines in Latin America to discuss strategic industry topics that impact our region. Amadeus as a strategic technology partner for our clients, is committed to helping build a stronger ALTA in the region. The collaborative work that ALTA, the member airlines and the associate members is key to strengthen the airline industry and make Latin America a point of reference in terms of security, quality and service at the global level. “+ Vicky Huertas
Commercial Vice President Latin America & Caribbean, Amadeus, Airlines